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What does the world cost? Or my motorcycle?

Anyone who has ever bought or wanted to buy a motorcycle knows the question: «Is someone pulling me across the table? Or is that really a great bargain?» You are not alone with this question.

We don't know what the world costs, because we haven't bought it. But to answer the question, what your motorcycle can cost, there is Motoriker. Here you can look up the average price for traded motorcycles per year. Questions that you as the (future) owner will ask yourself sooner or later. Or as a seller of a once (or perhaps still) beloved fire chair. Motoriker will help you buy or sell a motorcycle.

Motoriker helps you assess the value of your motorcycle

Honda CB 500 Four K1 Jahrgang 1974Exactly these questions are the trigger for the founders of Motoriker to establish the platform. It all started with a 1974 Honda CB 500 Four and the founding that it was a little bit too pricy. Of course, Motoriker cannot investigate into the engine of the object of your desire and assess the condition. If you cannot do that, have a professional look at it. Motoriker can give you a feeling for the prices and therfore a guidance in the jungle of the motocycle market. The figures and statistics listed here are averages and projections. 

And now we wish you a lot of fun browsing!